Surestore storage Cape Town frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about self storage


1. Do you have insurance?

We do not offer insurance. The customer must inform his/her insurance company to adjust the policy on his/her household insurance.

2. Do you have T's and C's?

Yes. Agreement of lease. Please click here to view our terms and conditions.

3. What is the storage duration?

Month-to-month and long term. Minimum rental period is a month. The customer can rent for as long as he/she wants, but a 30 days' written notice must be given.

Confused about something? Ask away. 

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4. What type of access do customers have? times? and how?

Your tag will allow you to access your unit at any time of any day. There is a 24/7 site controller on site.


5. Can removal trucks easily access the units?



6. Do prices include vat?



7. Are there trolleys to help offload?

We currently have a mobile staircase to gain access to the first floor.  


8. What email address must the online contact from be sent to?

Email for info or bookings:


9. Are you providing any opening specials?

We are currently expanding with more garages. Once the building is complete, there will be another special. Book a unit now while you still can. 

Regarding specials on payments: 6 months : 5 months at normal rate + 6th month at half price, 12 months: 11 months at normal rate + 12th month for free.

The whole payment must be done on the first payment of the contract in order to get the special on the last month.



10. Are the units waterproof?



11. How does payment work?

Before any unit will be reserved, we require proof of ID and proof of address.

We recommend an EFT payment. Cash on site can be dangerous for the customers and the staff. 


12. What are the prices of the units? 

Please click here to view the pricelist. 


13. What do the units look like? photos?

Visit our Facebook page for photos of the units


14. How does storing work with SureStore work?

The customer can have a look at the website, to get an idea of what unit he/she wants and if they prefer ground floor or first floor.

Bookings can be made online. If you are not sure about the size, we can always move you to a bigger or smaller unit that will suit your needs.

The unit will only be reserved once a contract is signed. Depending on how far in advance the unit must be reserved, a portion of the rent must be paid in order to guarantee your unit .


15. What safety measures will be take to make sure my stuff is safe? 

Burgundy is a manned Estate with 24 hour armed response and 24/7 camera, lightning and manned control.


16. Items which we have identified as hazardous or not suitable...

Flammable or any illegal abstances.

No electrical equipment to be stored, because there are no plugs available.


17. What will I need to book a self-storage unit?

You will need proof of ID document and proof of address.